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30 July 2012 @ 02:27 pm
Why I am eagerly waiting for December 2012?  

21st December 2012 was very interesting subject in year 2008-2009. Many people were talking about 21st December 2012 and mostly its destructive part. The movie about 2012, news channels, web etc. were the main contributors behind this hype. Slowly people forgot about it and became busy in their routine life.

I also came to know about December 2012 in year 2009 but from a different channel, from ‘Manasa Light Age foundation’. I joined a meditation class by ‘Manasa’ in 2009 and started my journey towards Light Age.

I feel this information is important for all the human beings.  I have tried putting it together what I have understood by attending regular lectures and reading books from my meditation class.  Uniquely, this information doesn’t talk much about the destruction which may happen at the end of year 2012. This information is all about some of the great things which are going to happen at the end of 2012! This information is related to spiritual importance of year 2012.

Why 2012 is important from Spiritual perspective? What is spirituality? Why we should be spiritual to face December 2012? And many more questions. Let’s try to understand it.

The simplest definition of spirituality is “Spirituality means being Good, being Honest and being Peaceful.” And these qualities are necessary to live beyond December 2012 because we just finished 5076 years of Dark Age (Iron Age) in 1974! We are now in transition phase progressing towards entering into the next Light Age (golden age or New age or Satya Yuga).

The Light Age is an age of Purity and Perfection. To live in this age all of us have to be pure and perfect. We have to throw away the ways of the Dark Age. We have to give up non-Love, Violence, untruth and all the negativities that have corrupted our Life, to live in the Light Age or New age.

Also we are entering the energy field from our Greater Central Sun ‘Sirius’ and it is known as ‘Photon Belt’. Our Earth and our Solar system are entering this energy field in December 2012. This vast field of positive energy is of a very high Spiritual order and has the power to eliminate all negative energies on our earth and change the destiny of humanity.

Humanity is heading towards Light Age and we will be receiving spiritual energies from Photon Belt. Spiritualizing ourselves and throwing away non-love, violence and all our negativities will help us to survive beyond December 2012.

            I understand that the world will not end in December 2012 but it will become perfect, pure, and free from all violence, corruption and all negativities. Is there anyone who doesn’t want to live in such perfect world? Now you can guess why I am eagerly waiting for December 2012!
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